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Online game speedruns have revolutionized the way gamers approach challenges in their favorite games, pushing the boundaries of skill and strategy to achieve record-breaking times.

Overview of Online Game Speedruns

Online game speedruns are challenges where players attempt to complete a video game as quickly as possible. This involves using various strategies, glitches, and optimizations to minimize the time taken to finish the game. Speedrunning has gained popularity in the gaming community, with players competing to achieve the fastest times in different categories.

Examples of Popular Online Game Speedruns

  • Super Mario 64: Players aim to complete the game with the fewest number of stars in the quickest time possible.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Speedrunners strive to finish the game while skipping as much content as possible.
  • Hollow Knight: Players attempt to defeat all bosses in the game in the fastest time.

The Appeal of Online Game Speedruns to Gamers

Speedrunning offers a unique challenge to gamers by testing their skills, knowledge of the game, and ability to adapt quickly to changing situations. The competitive aspect of speedrunning, where players aim to beat each other’s times, adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation.

Additionally, discovering new glitches or strategies to improve speedrun times can be rewarding and satisfying for players looking to push their limits.

Strategies for Online Game Speedruns

Speed run level

When it comes to online game speedruns, players often employ various strategies to complete the game in the fastest time possible. These strategies can range from exploiting glitches to optimizing movement and decision-making. Here, we will delve into common strategies used in online game speedruns, share tips for maximizing speedrun strategies, and compare different approaches across various genres of online games.

Exploiting Glitches

One common strategy in online game speedruns is exploiting glitches within the game. These glitches can allow players to skip certain sections, bypass obstacles, or even reach the end goal more quickly. Speedrunners often spend time researching and practicing these glitches to shave off precious seconds or minutes from their overall completion time.

Optimizing Movement

Another key strategy is optimizing movement throughout the game. This involves knowing the most efficient routes, utilizing shortcuts, and mastering movement techniques such as strafing, bunny hopping, or wall jumping. By moving quickly and fluidly through the game world, speedrunners can significantly reduce their completion time.

Decision-Making and Route Planning

Effective decision-making and route planning are crucial in online game speedruns. Players must make split-second decisions on which paths to take, which enemies to engage or avoid, and when to use specific items or abilities. By planning out their route and making strategic choices, speedrunners can minimize unnecessary detours and optimize their overall performance.

Genre-Specific Strategies

Speedrunning strategies can vary significantly depending on the genre of the online game. For example, a strategy used in a first-person shooter game may not be applicable to a platformer or a racing game. Each genre requires a unique set of skills, techniques, and approaches to achieve optimal speedrun times.

It’s essential for speedrunners to understand the specific mechanics and challenges of the genre they are speedrunning to develop effective strategies.

Community and Competitions

Online game speedrunning has fostered vibrant and dedicated communities of players who share a passion for mastering games in the fastest possible time. These communities often consist of speedrunners, fans, moderators, and organizers who come together to celebrate skill, innovation, and competition in the world of gaming.

Online Communities

Online game speedrunning communities are typically found on platforms like Twitch, Discord, and specialized forums dedicated to speedrunning. These communities provide a space for players to share strategies, discuss new techniques, and showcase their runs to a wider audience. Many speedrunning communities also organize regular events, races, and challenges to keep the community engaged and motivated.

Competitions and Events

Competitions and events in the world of online game speedrunning are usually organized through online platforms and forums. These events can range from friendly races between players to larger-scale tournaments with prize pools and sponsorships. Some popular formats include “marathons” where players take turns showcasing their runs for a continuous period, or “races” where players compete head-to-head to finish a game first.

Role of Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms like Twitch play a crucial role in showcasing online game speedrun competitions to a global audience. Many speedrunners choose to stream their runs live, allowing viewers to follow their progress in real-time, interact with the runner, and cheer them on.

Additionally, streaming platforms provide a platform for organizers to host and broadcast events, reaching a wider audience and fostering a sense of community among speedrunning enthusiasts.

Tools and Software for Speedrunning

Game run speed games digipen edu

Speedrunners rely on a variety of tools and software to optimize their gameplay and achieve faster completion times. These tools provide valuable insights, enhance performance, and contribute to the overall speedrunning experience.


LiveSplit is a popular timer program used by speedrunners to track their progress, splits, and personal best times. It allows for customization, precision timing, and automatic splitting based on predefined criteria.


Emulators are software that replicate the hardware of older consoles, allowing speedrunners to play retro games on their computers. They provide advantages such as save states, fast-forwarding, and tool-assisted features for practicing difficult sections.

Recording Software

Recording software like OBS Studio or XSplit is essential for capturing gameplay footage during speedruns. It enables streamers to share their runs with the community, analyze their performance, and detect areas for improvement.


AutoHotkey is a scripting language used to create custom macros and automate repetitive tasks in speedrunning. It can be employed to execute complex inputs with a single keystroke, perform sequence breaks, or optimize movement patterns.


Exploring the realm of online game speedruns unveils a community united by passion, innovation, and a drive for excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned speedrunner or a newcomer to the scene, the world of competitive gaming awaits with exhilarating possibilities.

Essential Questionnaire

What are speedrunning strategies?

Speedrunning strategies are techniques and routes used by players to complete a game in the fastest time possible. These strategies often involve exploiting game mechanics and glitches to gain an advantage.

How do online game speedruns differ from traditional speedruns?

Online game speedruns typically involve real-time competition and streaming, where players attempt to complete games quickly while being watched by an audience. Traditional speedruns may be done offline without an audience.

Are there specific rules for online game speedruns?

Yes, each game or community may have its own set of rules for speedrunning, including banned techniques, allowed tools, and timing methods. It’s important for speedrunners to familiarize themselves with these rules before attempting a run.